About July 2017

We waited until late July to update the site so we could feature on this month's cover the Tier 1 Pro men’s bodybuilding winner at the 2017 Physique Canada National Classic, which was held on July 15. The winner of this year’s National Classic was Olivier Martel, the 18-year-old phenom from Quebec who first gained prominence by winning the 2016 Physique Canada Coupe Progym event, held last November. This win proves that Olivier has an incredible future ahead.

Olivier’s win didn’t come easily, though. This year’s Tier 1 Pro men’s bodybuilding division was divided into lightweight and heavyweight classes (in prior years, all the competitors were lumped into one class). Olivier was the lightweight winner, while Physique Canada veteran Alexandre Villeneuve was the heavyweight winner. Olivier and Alexandre went head-to-head for the overall title (see our “Iron Shots” gallery for shot of them during the posedown), with both showing superbly symmetrical physiques, but with Alexandre having more size and Olivier having a touch more definition and a little better shape. In the end, the judges favored Olivier -- but everyone in attendance saw that it was very, very close!