Top 10 Fitness Models of 2015

Our annual selection for the top ten fitness models of the year, which began in 2012, has become an extremely popular attraction at, drawing tens of thousands of readers from all over the world to see who the winners are. No wonder – the women chosen each year are amazing!

As always, there is no ranking within this top-ten list – each one deserves the same praise. As a result, the women are presented in this article and in the gallery below in alphabetical order by last name. All of the women are part of SAF, a women’s-only fitness organization that promotes amateur and pro competitions, and also provides unparalleled promotional opportunities for its competitors. (SAF stands for Serious About Fitness; information can be found online at )

The photos of this year’s models were taken by world-famous photographer Paul Buceta, the founder of Strong, a women’s fitness magazine that’s available on newsstands throughout North America. Prior to founding Strong, Paul was the chief photographer for Oxygen magazine for over ten years. Makeup artists for the various photoshoots, which took place throughout 2015, were Valeria Nova, Lori Fabrizio, and Monica Kalra.

With that introduction complete, it is time to officially announce who the 2015 winners are: Dawn Armstrong, Bunny Azzopardi, Emily Bentivoglio, Jenna Chadwick, Becki Cosford, Brigitte Dompierre, Stacey Milan, Mari Pier, Emilie Provencher, and Edith Werbel. Congratulations to all!