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The first seminar was held on June 4, 2011, in Mississauga, Canada. The half-day event was held at Sessions Studios, home to world-famous physique photographer Paul Buceta, and featured Erik Alstrup, Denis Pedneault and Francois Beauregard as instructors. All three are natural champions and are writers for They are also extremely passionate about natural bodybuilding and teaching others

Seminar shot
Denis, Erik and Francois instruct

The response to the first seminar was so positive that it means that we will be holding plenty more. Watch this space for announcements of upcoming seminars and other learning events.

The group on June 4, 2011
The first seminar's group: June 4, 2011 logo

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2015 Canadian Competitions

June 12-13 - SAF Summer Spectacular (women's categories only)

June 13 - Physique Canada National Classic (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

Sept. 13 - SAF Toronto Spectacular (women's categories only)

October 17 - Physique Canada Canadian Championships (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

October 18 - SAF Fall Spectacular (women's categories only)

Note: Competitions and dates subject to change without notice.

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