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Dispelling the Biggest Myth in Bodybuilding – That the Same Guys Would Win With or Without Drugs

  • Written by Doug Schneider

Bodybuilding is ripe with bullshit, lies, and exaggeration. Competitors’ heights, weights, and lifting abilities are boasted about, but are rarely ever true. The magazines are full of ads from supplement companies making ridiculous claims about their products’ capabilities that could never in a lifetime be proven. But, surprisingly, I’m OK with that – embellishment and bullshittery seems to be par for the course with most sports today, not just bodybuilding.

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True Champions

  • Written by Doug Schneider

I’ve been told that I’m as controversial as I’m outspoken, even in front of a crowd. I certainly wouldn’t disagree, but it’s nothing that I’m ashamed of, because I believe that if you think it you should be able to say it, even if there are others around.

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The All-Women Issue – Signs of a New Strategy

  • Written by Doug Schneider

We’re kicking off 2014 with our first issue featuring only women! The “Hot Shots” image always features a woman, but this time our “Iron Shots” image shows Edith Syjuco, Melanie Albert, and Emily Bentivoglio competing at the 2013 Physique Canada Canadian Championships. The cover showcases physique-star Nadine Young, and we’re using this month to announce and display the Top-10 Fitness Models of 2013 (alphabetically by last name: Bunny Azzopardi, Emily Bentivoglio, Lisa Delahaye, Amanda Kotel, Caroline Mailhot, Veronique Potvin, Emilie Provencher, Edith Syjuco, Stefanie Terrana, and Nadine Young). The only places you’ll see men are in the pictures that accompany the articles. But these photos also focus on women, which is why we picked them. The one above has Physique Canada’s president, Brian Robitaille, surrounded by some of the top-finishing female competitors at the 2013 Physique Canada Canadian Championships (from left to right around Brian: Liane Girouard, Nathalie McDonell-Groulx, Nathalie Brassard, Edith Syjuco, and Susan James), while the one below has 2013 Physique Canada Canadian Bodybuilding Champion, Denis Pedneault, with a group of female competitors who were backstage at the same event (from left to right around Denis: Emily Bentivoglio, Janet Gates, Anne-Marie Brugger, Kelly Goddard, and Melanie Albert).

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Physique Canada Rules Québec

  • Written by Doug Schneider

Physique Canada was formed in the province of Ontario in 2011, but it wasn’t long after the first contests began in 2012 that a trend started developing – more competitors than originally expected were coming from the province of Québec. Then, in 2013, something became startlingly clear: most of the top winners were from Québec. In fact, at the 2013 Physique Canada National Classic, which was held last June, every Tier 1 Elite winner was from Québec. At the 2013 Physique Canada Canadian Championships in October, two out of three were!

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Rebuilding Bodybuilding

  • Written by Doug Schneider

The sport of bodybuilding is in dire straits. Even the most ardent proponents of bodybuilding constantly complain that what’s going on today pales in comparison to what most consider the Golden Age, somewhere from the late ‘60s to the mid-‘70s, which is when Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled the roost, and even the ‘80s, when it was probably at its most popular.

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2014 Canadian Competitions

June 14 - Physique Canada National Classic (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

June 14 - SAF Summer Spectacular (women's categories only)

July 12 - Physique Canada Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel (XPN) du Québec (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

Sept. 13 - Physique Canada Toronto Classic (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

Sept. 13 - SAF Toronto Spectacular (women's categories only)

October 18 - Physique Canada Canadian Championships (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

October 18 - SAF Fall Spectacular (women's categories only)

Note: Competitions and dates subject to change without notice.

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