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Reliving 2013

  • Written by Doug Schneider

On October 18, the Physique Canada Canadian Championships will be held, which is where this year’s Canadian Men’s Bodybuilding Champion will be crowned. Obviously, I look forward to finding out who that person is. And once I do, you’ll know too because they’ll be featured in in the months and years to come.

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Iron Mavericks

  • Written by Doug Schneider

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines maverick as “a person who refuses to follow the customs or rules of a group.” Similarly, Google defines the word as “an unorthodox or independent-minded person.” From that, you get the gist of what the word means – if you didn’t know already, that is. I took an interest in this word lately because Physique Canada’s president, Brian Robitaille, started using it regularly to describe many of the organization’s top competitors.

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Québec Success!

  • Written by Doug Schneider

Starting a physique organization today is more difficult than it’s ever been. Off the top of my head, I can count a half-dozen organizations operating in Canada – and there could be more that I don’t even know about. As a result, when Physique Canada began three years ago, it was a huge risk, given the competition that was already around, and there was certainly no guarantee it would work.

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Vince Gironda Stars in the Greatest Training Video Ever Made

  • Written by Doug Schneider

In the early ‘80s, I read an article in MuscleMag about Vince Gironda that forever changed my view of trainers and their training methods. The article painted Gironda, who was in his 60s at that time and in the midst of training top IFBB star Mohamed Makkawy, as this wildly eccentric gym owner whose methods were not only radically different from anyone else’s, but also far more effective. It presented his gym, which was aptly named Vince’s Gym, as more or less sacred ground where many of the bodybuilding champs of the past had trained, as well as many Hollywood actors and actresses (it was located in North Hollywood, close to Universal Studios). During the ‘60s and into the ‘70s, anyone who was anybody spent time at Vince’s – actors and bodybuilders.

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2014 Canadian Competitions

June 14 - Physique Canada National Classic (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

June 14 - SAF Summer Spectacular (women's categories only)

July 12 - Physique Canada Concours Xtreme Physique Naturel (XPN) du Québec (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

Sept. 13 - Physique Canada Toronto Classic (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

Sept. 13 - SAF Toronto Spectacular (women's categories only)

October 18 - Physique Canada Canadian Championships (drug-tested, men's and women's categories)

October 18 - SAF Fall Spectacular (women's categories only)

Note: Competitions and dates subject to change without notice.

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