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Kanstrup Conquers – Plus Four Future Physique Canada Stars

  • Written by Doug Schneider

More than once in the last six months, I wrote that it was not Jess Kanstrup’s physique that kept her out of the top three in Tier 1 Pro women’s athletic physique at last year’s Physique Canada Canadian Championships; instead, it was her posing that caused her placing to slip. It’s not that posing counts directly at these competitions, but it was counting against Jess last year because she wasn’t showing her outstanding physique as well as she could. It was as if she was hiding what was there.

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Last Year's to This Year's National Classic

  • Written by Doug Schneider

As I sat down to write this, I paused for a moment because I could hardly believe that almost a year has passed since last year’s Physique Canada National Classic. It was held on June 14, 2014, and was one of the organization’s most unforgettable events. It was there that Simon Proteau, who is featured on our cover this month as well as in the photo at the top of this article, won Tier 1 Pro men’s bodybuilding. Edith Syjuco took the title in Tier 1 Pro women’s athletic physique, and Nadia Moussa won the crown in Tier 1 Pro women’s muscular physique after 12 years away from the competitive stage. It’s all so clear to me as if it happened just yesterday.

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Physique Canada's Rising Stars

  • Written by Doug Schneider

One of the great things about being part of Physique Canada from the beginning is that I’ve been able to watch the progress of the organization as it has grown from being simply an idea to becoming a real force in Canadian physique sports that is changing the nature of competing – never before has a physique organization taken drug testing so seriously, which, in turn, has made such a fair stage to compete on for true drug-free competitors.

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Physique Canada's Fantastic Female Competitors

  • Written by Doug Schneider

In January 2014, I wrote an article called “The All-Women Issue – Signs of a New Strategy,” in which I said, “[T]these days women outnumber the men at most competitions. I don’t have any hard statistics on how many women are competing versus men, since it varies contest to contest, and also organization to organization, but if I had to pull a rough figure out of the air as an overall estimate, I would peg it at 2:1. In other words, at any given contest, you can be confident that two-thirds of the competitors are women. And in the future, I only see it going higher.” Looking back now on what I said then, I wouldn’t change a word – women far and away outnumber the men at physique events these days, a trend I see continuing to grow.

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The Drug-Free Way is the Only Way to Achieve Credibility

  • Written by Doug Schneider

Lance Armstrong is living proof that no matter how many races you win, titles you earn, and accolades you receive, once people know that your accomplishments were achieved by cheating – in his case, the use of performance-enhancing drugs – they’ll turn on you faster than a starving bodybuilder can wolf down a protein shake. Furthermore, your credibility as an athlete gets shot, your sponsors flee, and your sports career is pretty much over. To put it bluntly, nobody wants you around – or back.

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