Top 10 Fitness Models of 2014

As we’ve done for the past couple of years, at this time we look back at the previous year’s female fitness models and select the ten best. Straightforward enough? But what’s different about our list compared to most other lists is that we don’t rank the ten who have been chosen according to excellence; instead, we feel that every woman on this prestigious list deserves equal recognition, so we present them as the ten best and leave it at that., The list is simply arranged alphabetically by last name.

There are some interesting things about the 2014 list. One is that all of the women on the list are part of the SAF organization. SAF stands for Serious About Fitness, which is Canada’s largest and most prestigious women’s fitness-modeling organization (see Another is that nine of the ten images were shot by Paul Buceta, who is widely considered to be the world’s best women’s fitness photographer. He is the main studio photographer for SAF, as well as the founder of Strong magazine, which focuses exclusively on women’s fitness . The one remaining image was shot by Dave Laus, an up-and-coming fitness photographer who produces most of his work from the same location as Paul: Sessions Studios. Of course, all the photos from both photographers were shot in 2014. Finally, four of the women this year made the Top 10 lists in 2013 or 2012, and the other six are being featured for the very first time!

With that introduction complete, it’s now time to present the Top 10 Fitness Models of 2014 (alphabetically by last name): Melanie Albert, Dawn Armstrong, Bunny Azzopardi, Amélie Boulanger, Brigitte Dompierre, Ashleigh Esser, Stacey Milan, Kiara Pram, Emilie Provencher, and Edith Syjuco. Congratulations to all ten, and to everyone else, please enjoy the gallery featuring them below!