Authentic IronWelcome to the second installment of "Authentic Iron," an exclusive feature on

"Authentic Iron" was created to give a candid look at how bodybuilders really train. According to publisher Doug Schneider: "When I conceived the idea for 'Authentic Iron,' I knew I wanted it to give viewers a raw, no-holds-barred look into how top natural bodybuilders really train. I also knew that it had to be real – meaning training footage couldn't be staged for the camera. Everything had to be genuine, right down to the weights used for training – in other words, everyone and everything had to be authentic."

This second video segment in the four-part "DeLuca's Back" series features Canada's Rob DeLuca, a 46-year-old natural bodybuilder who competes as a Tier 1 Elite athlete with Physique Canada ( The video shows Rob training his back in his amazingly complete gym that's located in the basement of his house!

The footage for this video was shot on April 15, 2012. All footage was shot in high-definition and can be streamed in resolutions up to 1080p.